Questions for the Public (June 2021)

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Scoping the Council’s Work

  • The Council’s charge is to: (i) receive, examine and report on the history of the State’s negative actions towards tribes, through the Native lens and experience, and (ii) recommend remedial measures that can be taken.
  • What early State actions should the State be most accountable for, from the Native perspective?
  • What State actions have been most harmful to today’s California Native peoples?
  • Are there community organizations or conferences that are aligned with the Council’s work that the Council can plug into?

Academic Partnerships

  • What should the goal of the final report be?
  • How should the Council frame its research agenda?
  • How can the Council be most inclusive in incorporating research and narrative into this work?
  • Are there preferred academic partners the Council should be speaking with? Or preferred models?
  • How should the Council archive testimony received? Where should the data and information live?
  • Are there higher education-serving community organizations or conferences that the Council can plug into?

Youth Council

  • How can the Council best engage with the California Native youth population? Which platforms and messengers?
  • Are there key partners that the Council can work with to reach Native youth?
  • Should the Youth Council Subcommittee be modeled on the Council structure, or something else?
  • Should the Youth Council be focused on California Native youth or open-ended?
  • How should the Council define youth?
  • Are there any ongoing youth groups or meetings in the community that the Council can plug into?
  • Are there any youth graphic artists that the Council should work with on promotional materials?

Funding Partnerships

  • What are the needs of the community in engaging in the work of the Council that are not currently funded?
    • Tribal
    • Organizational
    • Individual
  • Are there recommended communications partners that the Council may want to work with to spread the word?

Contracting for Council Work

  • What should the Council and Staff be mindful of when seeking third-parties to do the work of the Council?
  • Are there models that have worked that the Council and Staff can look to?

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