Request for Community Input

The Status & Identity Subcommittee is seeking recommendations for a moderator to help facilitate Subcommittee Meeting discussions. The Status & Identity Subcommittee was created by the California Truth & Healing Council to help examine the complexities of identities and statuses of all California Native Peoples and incorporate various perspectives and recommendations into the work ofContinue reading “Request for Community Input”

NEXT WEEK: California ImagiNATIVE Youth Conference on January 26-27th, 2022

The California Truth & Healing Council encourages California tribal leaders to invite Native youth from your community to virtually participate in our inaugural California ImagiNATIVE Youth Conference on January 26-27th, 2022. This inaugural conference will kick-off a Truth & Healing Council Native Youth series to be held over the next year to learn, reflect, and develop the future roadmap for NativeContinue reading “NEXT WEEK: California ImagiNATIVE Youth Conference on January 26-27th, 2022”

ICTJ Transitional Justice Fellowship Opportunity

We are lucky to have so many young professionals and activists who are engaged in racial justice efforts interested in The California Truth and Healing Council. We would like to share with them an exciting opportunity to work with impacted communities hands-on. The International Center for Transitional Justice recently launched a call for applications forContinue reading “ICTJ Transitional Justice Fellowship Opportunity”